Bitcoin Casino Free Slots – Where to Play Slot Machines for BTC and other Crypto?

While slot machines date back to the 1800s, Bitcoin – like other cryptocurrencies – is a relatively new phenomenon. Although BTC has not yet succeeded in replacing ‘fiat’ money – despite the huge hopes pinned on this virtual coin – it is still very popular around the world. Bitcoin casino free slots is one of the things that you can spend your cryptocurrency savings on (or vice versa, increase them if you are lucky). Some casinos offer generous bonuses for those who prefer to play for bitcoins. We wrote this post to share with you the knowledge of where to find the best Bitcoin casino free slots and free spins bonuses to win real money.

How to Play and Earn Free Spins at Bitcoin Casino Free Slots

Bitcoin slots are online slots that accept cryptocurrency bets. This means you can deposit in cryptocurrency – instead of using fiat money – to spin the reels and win. There are many online casinos that inviting their users to make cryptocurrency deposits. By playing through their website or mobile apps, you can earn free spins bonuses as follows:

  • No deposit bonuses. You can get a welcome pack of free spins on popular bitcoin casino free slots simply by registering on the casino website.
  • Deposit promotions. Some casinos may reward you with free spins on your cryptocurrency deposits.
  • Free spins as a reward for loyalty. By playing bitcoin casino free slots actively, you will increase your level as part of the loyalty program, getting new benefits including free spins packs.

So, all you have to do is find a reliable Bitcoin casino that you can trust. Make sure it offers generous bonuses and rewards for those who prefer to gamble with cryptocurrencies before signing up for it.

Playing Slot Machines to Earn Bitcoin

Before learning how to play slot machines and earn BTC, let’s find out what types of online casinos are:

  1. Casinos that accept only fiat money. Such gambling platforms support several banking options – Visa/MacterCard, e-Wallets, Bank Transfers an others – however, cryptocurrency wallets are not available. By playing at such online casinos, you will not be able to earn bitcoin.
  2. Casinos that allow you to make Bitcoin deposits – however, withdrawals to cryptocurrency wallets are not available. Obviously, by playing such bitcoin casino free slots (or other casino games), you also won’t be able to earn BTC.
  3. Casinos fully support BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Such platforms allow you to make cryptocurrency deposits, place bets using bitcoins, and withdraw winnings to cryptocurrency wallets.

So, the third type of casino is what you need to play bitcoin casino free slots and earn BTC. Although there are only a few dozen of such casinos, they have undeniable advantages – the absence of any regional restrictions, more secure financial transactions, anonymity of each player.

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